You'veseen the photos and heard the stories of homeless veterans strugglingto regain their footing when returning to civilian life. In theseextremely challenging economic times this crisis has grown. But thegood news is that the Veteran's Administration (VA) has a wonderfulrent subsidy program that has, in the past three years, successfullymoved many of these Vets into apartments of their own.

Butthere's one missing component, and that is paying for the initial andongoing household goods that make an apartment a home, and makes ahome the basis of a changed life. Here's where YOU can help!

Fora week, between March 13-21, you can shop for and drop off theseneeded household items to help establish a homeless vet in their newhome. Personal hygiene items, kitchen and cleaning supplies, bathroomand miscellaneous items are all needed. (For a full list, check outthe handout on the home page of our church website: Drop off itemsoutside of door #1.